Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing in Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises Liability, Muncipal Liability, and Dog Bite/Attack Injury Cases, Serving Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Milton and Ontario

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Usman Hannan, JD, MA, BA; Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a small, dedicated, cutting-edge and highly focused personal injury law firm, then Hannan Hannan Barristers may end your quest for legal representation.

We are a plaintiff's Personal Injury Law Firm located at the heart of Mississauga, Greater Toronto and our practice is exclusively focused on Dog Bite Injury Cases, Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall Injury, Private or Commercial Premises Liability or Municipal Liabilities

We do Most of the Interviews etc. over the Phone or Video Conference. Also, Safety Permitting, we can go to your residence or hospital anywhere in Ontario free of charge to extend our Personal Injury Lawyer's Help. So for all practical purposes, We are only one email or phone call away from you. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

We lawyer for you, the injured,  No matter how how odd the stakes are, we believe in justice. With dedicated lawyering, we whip out law and evidence to free you from wrongful charges and give you the rightful compensation.

We only practice the following areas of Plaintiff's Personal Injury Law:

  1. Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall, and Other Premises Liability
  2. Municipal Liability for Personal Injuries
  3. Dog Bite or Dog Attack Injury Cases

Well-Rounded, Highly Focused, Resolute Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga and Toronto Area for Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises/Municipal Liability and for Dog Attack Injuries. We Balance the Imbalance for You, the Vulnerable, To Give You The Justice.

  • We Listen to You for FREE over the phone and video-conference, in our office or in the hospital/home to learn Your injury case inside-out.
  • We investigate Your case to find out what has happened, how the injury took place, and to detect all of your denied rights.
  • We assess your personal injury case in light of all the evidence and law to find out your just and rightful compensation for your injury or damages.
  • We do not do Motor Accidents, Medical/Professional Negligence or any other common areas of personal injury law other than Slip/Trip and Fall Injury, Premises and Municipal Liability, Dog Bite Injury Cases. And this means a highly specialized dedicated lawyer service for you, the injured. Because of our highly focused practice, we are able to do the cutting edge legal research and legal work tailored for your injury so that we can meet the responsible parties head on in the legal arena.
  • We do strong, dedicated and moral advocacy at every level of courts and in the negotiation table.
  • Our Court Trial Oriented Focused Personal Injury Practice sends the signal to the other side that we are serious about your cause of action, and we are prepared to fight for justice in the Court all the way through the legal system if necessary so that you get the justice and compensation for the injury.
  • We take all Slip/Trip & Fall and Premises Liability Cases , Municipal Liability Cases and Dog Attack Injury Cases on a No Win No Fee Basis. This means we finance your entire case, and we only get our salary once and only if you get a judgement or a settlement.
  • We are Plaintiff's Personal Injury Lawyer(s), which means we work only for you, the injured, and never for the other side, which is usually represented by the Insurance Industry.
  • FREE Initial Consultation.

Personal Injury Justice for You- Hannan Hannan Barristers
Personal Injury Justice for You- Hannan Hannan Barristers