Mississauga Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Usman Hannan, JD, Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

We have been listed as one of the top three Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga for two years in a row, for 2020 and 2021, by the North American Rating Group ThreeBestRated.

Why a Dog Bite Lawyer from Hannan Hannan Barristers?

=>Our law practice is focused on Dog Bite attack Injury Law, which intersects with premises liability law, and thus we are able to develop specialization in this area.

=>Strong track record of success. We have recovered thousands for the dog bite injured.

=>Getting maximum just damage for your dog bite injury hinges upon focused understanding of your unique case and relevant law, professional strength and rigorous advocacy based on Ontario's dog bite law. With a focused Ontario dog bite law practice, we achieve exactly that.

=>Your case will be handled by a dedicated dog bite injury lawyer, and his/her colleagues . You will get  in-person, respectful, tailored, top-notch communication and legal service from our small, dedicated dog bite lawyer's team for the ultimate goal: obtain just damages.

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A young man got minor surface bites from a dog that unexpectedly showed up past midnight inside a motel lobby because of the negligence of the motel owner. We took on the case and settled it for $4000. (2020).

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Dog Bite Lawyer
Dog Bite/Attack Injury Lawyer

Whether You are in the GTA or Anywhere in Ontario, if you or your loved ones are injured by dog attack, contact us:  905-275-6776 / usman.hannan@hannanhannan.com /chat or leave message (see green icon at the bottom right for chat or message). We can Help. We can promptly set up a Free Online No-Obligation Video Consultation Meeting between you and our dog bite injury lawyer, whereby you can obtain valuable guidance on next steps. All initial discussions etc. can be conducted over the phone, email and video. And of course,  we can have meeting in our picturesque Mississauga law office or at a location of your convenience anywhere in Ontario when/if necessary.

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  • Some dog bite injuries can be life altering or life threatening, while others can leave permanent marks and physical/mental trauma. Children are the most common target for dog bite injuries, but adults and elderly persons also fall victims to it from time to time.
  • If you, your child or your loved ones get injured by dog attack,
    • first and foremost get medical attention, and start preserving evidences with pictures, notes etc. as much as possible. Call the Police or Animal Control if you feel necessry.
    • The second best thing you can do for your damage recovery is to call a specialized Ontario dog bite lawyer, such as Usman Hannan.
  • In Ontario, Dog Bite cases are governed by the Dog Owner's Liability Act, and the ever changing case laws. With a very focused personal injury law practice in Ontario Dog Bite law, our injury lawyer knows how to optimally but justly pursue and obtain your damage claims from dog owners under the Ontario Legal System.
  • The dog that injured you may belong to your close family, friends or neighbor or it can belong to a total stranger. Our experienced dog bite lawyer can protect your rights in every situation, will ensure just compensation, will help sustaining ongoing relationship with the dog owner if you prefer doing so, and will avoid the low ball offers that the insurance companies or the dog owner may throw at you.
Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

We do Most of the Interviews etc. over the Emails, Phone, or Video Conference.

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