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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Sustained Injuries from Dog Bite? From relatively minor scratch/bite mark injuries to significant life-altering dog bite injuries, our Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How To Pursue Your Damage Claim to its Just Fruition. Unlike many other Personal Injury Law Firms, Our Law Firm has an Exclusive Focus on Representing Dog Attack Victims to Pursue their legal claims.  

We Work to Recover Your Damages, Pain and Suffering, Income Loss from the Dog Owner/Her Insurance, While You Go Through the Healing Process.



Our Dog Bite Attack Injury Law office is located at the heart of Mississauga.  However, if you are immobile due to injury, our medico-legal doctor, lawyer, and legal staff will be glad to travel to your place/hospital.  We assess your dog bite case free of charge and with no obligation on your part. Most of our initial consultations can be done over the phone, video-conference, and emails. So wherever you are in Ontario, for all practical purposes, our dog bite personal injury lawyer is only one email or phone call away from you. 

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Usman Hannan, JD, MA, BA; Personal Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan passionately pursues dog bite injury case claims for the victims. He has settled thousands of rightful dollars for the injured victims.

Case in Hand

A young man got minor surface bites from a dog that unexpectedly showed up past midnight inside a motel lobby because of the negligence of the motel owner. We took on the case and settled it for $4000. (2020).

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Why hire a Dedicated DOG BITE LAWYER @ Hannan Hannan Barristers?

We have a specialized focus on representing victims of dog bite injury in pursuing their just legal claim. This means:

=>Our Injury Lawyer knows, understands, and evaluate the evidence, court system and the insurance industry milieu for the dog bite victims, and can steer them in the right direction for your just compensation for your dog bite injury.

=>Our  Injury Lawyer knows getting just damage for your dog bite injury does not flow automatically, but depends on focused understanding and rigorous application of Ontario Dog Bite Law. We are able to apply strong moral advocacy, rigor, and give signals of professional strength to build up your case that acquiesces other parties to settle on just terms for the injured.

=>Most people trying to settle on their own are often-time severely denied of their rightful compensation, while many general Personal Injury Lawyers are often busy juggling between motor vehicle accidents, professional negligence etc. with dog attack injury cases, and thus missing the dedication that a specialized practice in this area may bring in. Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyer, with razor sharp focus, and attention to details, ensures your rights are never denied. With us, your unique dog attack injury case will not be buried under other areas of injury practice. You can rest assured towards your maximum just compensation.

=> Small legal team: Your case will be handled directly by our dedicated dog bite injury lawyer(s) and close associates, and will not get lost under numerous office staffs. You will get a customized and tailored legal service.


What is "NO WIN NO FEE"



Our Dog Attack Injury Lawyer Exclusively Focuses on Recovering Damages for The Victims of Dog Attacks

Dogs are time tested loyal pets, and lovely creatures that are their master's friend. But not always. A dog can also be dangerous, and even lethal for a number of reasons, the top among which is the negligence of dog owner. While children are most vulnerable to dog attack injury, adults and elderly are not spared. Some dog bite injuries can be life altering or life threatening, while others can leave permanent marks and physical/mental trauma. If you or your loved ones get injured by dog attack, first and foremost get medical attention. The second best thing you can do for your damage recovery is to call a specialized Ontario dog bite lawyer, such as Usman Hannan, who can roll the wheels in the right direction for your just monetary damage recovery. We do not charge you anything; if you are bitten by a dog, you are going through enough. We take our salary only if and from the judgment or settlement of your injury case,ie., we recoup our fees from the other side. In Ontario, Dog Bite cases are governed by the Dog Owner's Liability Act, Occupier's Liability Act and the ever changing case laws. Get a dedicated mastermind to navigate through this legal maze. With a very focused personal injury law practice in Ontario Dog Bite law, our injury lawyer knows how to optimally but justly pursue and obtain your damage claims from dog owners.

Our Trial and Personal Injury Lawyer can launch a proper dog bite damage claim, and obtain an optimized just settlement award with the dog owner, his/her Insurance Adjuster or a judgement in the Ontario Court System.

No Dog Bite Case is too big or too small for us. We can take a dog bite case to all levels of courts - from small claims court to Superior Court of Justice or to Appeal Courts. Our Goal: to obtain your just compensation from dog owners.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyer has a Specialized Practice in Dog Bite Law, and Works Hard to Obtain JUST Recompense for Your Loss, Pain and Damages Due To Dog Bite Injury



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