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Unlike most other personal injury law firms, ours is not a general personal injury practice. We have a highly focused Personal Injury Law practice only in the following areas, ensuring we excel in what we do, cultivate a niched specialization in these areas, and do our legal works the best way.

Dog Bite/Attack Injury Lawyer

Dog Bite and Dog Attack Injury Lawyer:  Injured by dog attack? It can be a horrible experience. We can hold the dog owners accountable for your Injury, and assist you in obtaining your rightful damages for pain, suffering and loss. Call us for a Free Consultation.


Premises Liability Lawyer

Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises Liability & Municipal Liability for Injury:

If you have had a slip and fall, trip and fall or suffer other injuries in premises of a person, business or municipality, we can sue the responsible party to obtain your rightful damages for pain, suffering and loss of income. Injuries resulting in Occupiers' Liability can arise from injuries in hospital, daycare, elderly care center, malls, private residence and in many other places. 

Going after the City or Municipality for your Personal Injuries is an specialized area of practice, and we have a distinctive focus in this area as well.

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Usman Hannan, JD, MA, BA; Personal Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan passionately pursues premises liability and dog bite personal injury case claims for the victims. He has 8 + years of legal experience. He was in medical school for two years prior to Canadian law school training. He has settled thousands of rightful dollars for the injured victims.

INJURED by Slip/Trip & Fall, Dog Bite or Premises Negligence?

  • Negligent Party or their insurance denying liability or offering trivial amount?

  • Not sure about your rights or what to do or how to pursue any damage claim?

  • A focused personal injury law firm precisely in your area of injury law can pull you out of the difficulty, and pursue your just cause with vigor.

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Protect your rights, get niched legal support, and obtain your just compensation that the law and evidence allows.

Why Do I Need a Dedicated and Focused Personal Injury Lawyer?

Our dedicated and focused Personal Injury Lawyer knows, understands, and evaluates the evidence, court system and the insurance industry milieu, and steers them in the right direction for the just compensation for your injury.

Our dedicated  and focused personal injury lawyer knows that getting just damage for your injury does not flow automatically, unless strong moral advocacy, rigor, and willingness to spend money to build up a case is demonstrated to the other party.

Most lay people trying to settle on their own are often time severely denied of their rightful compensation. Our personal injury lawyer ensures your rights are never denied.

Our dedicated and focused personal injury lawyer invests out of pocket to promulgate your just cause, and recovers legal fees only upon winning or settling your case.


Why hire a dedicated PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER @ Hannan Hannan Barristers?


With a Focused Personal Injury Practice in Premises Liability Like Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall and Dog Bite Cases- We are able to develop a niched and dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer Service that excels the expectation of our clients.

We Only Represent Plaintiffs or Claimants in Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises Liability and Dog Bite Injury Matters

Our Personal Injury Law Office is Located at the heart of Mississauga. Most of our intakes and other related legal works can be done via phone and video conference. Furthermore, If you are immobile due to injury, our medico-legal doctor, lawyer, and legal staff will be glad to travel to your location to assess you and your case free of charge and with no obligation on your part. So wherever you are in Ontario, for all practical purposes, we are only one email or phone call away from you. 



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