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Injuries can happen because of negligence, and this is where our Toronto Mississauga personal injury lawyer can help you by holding the negligent party responsible for paying your damages. Our personal injury law practice is not general. We are one of the very few personal injury law firms, and perhaps the only one in Ontario that practices exclusively in dog bite injury law and slip & fall injury law.

Dog Bite Attack Injury Law

You, Your Child or Your loved ones Injured by dog attack? It can be a horrible experience. Our dog bite lawyer holds the dog owners accountable for your Injury, and obtains your rightful damages for pain, suffering and income loss under Ontario's Dog Bite Law. Contact our Toronto-Mississauga Personal Injury lawyer today for a free consultation. We can help. 

Dog Bite Lawyer

Slip & Fall Injury Law

If you have had a slip and fall injury in shop, restaurant or any type of commercial or business complex,  our slip and fall injury lawyer can sue the responsible parties to obtain your rightful damages for pain, suffering and loss of income.

Contact our Toronto-Mississauga slip & fall injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

Slip & Fall Injury Lawyer

If you have a personal injury in other areas, such as motor vehicle accident etc.,  we can refer you to other personal injury lawyers who practices in such areas. 

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer

We go by Contingency Arrangement, also known as, No Win No Fee.  When you hire our personal injury lawyer, you do not pay us any out of pocket fees or costs at any stage. Only upon damage recovery from the other side, we take 33.33% of the recovered sum as our fee, and never more than this. If you do not get anything, we also do not get anything. We are always happy to discuss this arrangement candidly with you.

Usman Hannan, Toronto-Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan is rated as Top Three Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga, Ontario for THREE years in a row: 2020, 2021, and 2022 by the ThreeBestRated.


 Specialized and Ethical Personal Injury Lawyering to Obtain Just Damages Compensation in Dog Bite Attack Injury and Slip & Fall Injury Cases.

If you or your loved ones are injured due to slip & fall or dog bite attack, then talking with us can help you.


- Listen to you confidentially.

- Answer your questions frankly and candidly.

- Explain Ontario's injury claim process in a language that you understand.

- Help you decide whether you need a focused Toronto-Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer or not, and if we are the right lawyer for your injury damage claim case.

We can travel to your place when/if necessary. All consultation can be on video chat via zoom or similar software.

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=> Our Toronto-Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer practices exclusively on Slip & Fall, and Dog Bite Injury Cases. Cutting edge legal service comes when an injury lawyer focuses solely on similar injury cases as yours with dedication and zeal.

=>Strong track record of success. We have recovered thousands for the injured Ontarians.

=>Getting maximum just damage for your injury hinges upon in-depth focused understanding, lawyer's professional strength and rigorous application of Ontario's Occupiers' and Premises Liability Law. With lawyer(s) practicing exclusively in this area, we are able to achieve exactly that.

=> You will get in-person, respectful, tailored, top-notch communication and legal service from our Mississauga based personal injury lawyer and small legal team; by phone, email, video conference and in person. And yes, we travel to reach out the injured clients when necessary. Our ultimate goal : Obtain a Just Damage for Your injury.

All too often the negligent entities or their insurers do everything possible to deny outright liability for your injury. It is not uncommon for them to throw-out low-ball settlement offers or just plain protect their monetary interest, and thus depriving you of your rightful damage. Equipped by lawyers and specialists, they know how to use the Law of Evidence, Law of Negligence, Municipal Act, Occupiers' Liability Act or Dog Owner's Liability Act for their best interest.

As a dedicated and focused personal injury lawyer, we know how to ethically use the law and evidence in your favor, and thus balancing the imbalance for you the injured during out of court strategic settlement, failing which in the Ontario Court System, including using Court Trials.

It is critically important that if you have suffered a dog bite or slip & fall personal injury, you contact a dedicated Toronto-Mississauga based injury lawyer like Usman Hannan, who focuses his practice on these areas only, and can lead you through the legal maze for your just compensation.


Highly recommend, nice person he did a very good job to the result of my personal injury case

---Erlinda Palma

Highly recommended! Very responsive, understanding and helpful during my difficult times both emotionally and financially. Most of all the result was positive.

---Imelda Bernabe

Hannan Hannan were very helpful, very professional and very thorough.

---Paul Jarvis

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