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Our Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Obtains Just Damages for the Injured

Usman Hannan (JD, Toronto), Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan is an Ontario personal injury lawyer who practices exclusively in dog bite attack and premises injury law.


I am very satisfied with my case outcome. Mr. Hannan and his firm provided the service that I could trust and depend on after the dog bite incident. Thanks so much for their help.

--- Ada Pang


Mr. Hannan is a great lawyer, he helped me through a tough time. He is very professional, efficient and provided excellent quality of service with the best team. .... I highly recommend Mr. Hannan and team. Thank you. 

---Jude Ragel

Dog Bite Injury Cases

Every dog bite injury case is unique, and the amount of judgment or settlement depends on a complex array of factors unique to each case. 


As she was jogging, a Toronto woman got suddenly bitten on her lower right thigh by the dog of a passerby. We took on the case and settled it for $30,000.00 (2021)

A New Tecumseth region delivery personnel got bitten by a large shepherd dog in her right thigh region on the premises as she was delivering packages. We took on the case, and settled it for $25,000.00 (2021)

A young Mississauga delivery man got bitten by a small dog in his right calf muscle that suddenly ran out of the house. We took on the case and settled it for $20,638.60 (2021)

A little girl got injured by dog attack, especially in her facial area. We took on the case and settled it for $50,000.00 (2020).

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Dog attacks can be 

Aggressive: Some dogs are aggressive in nature, making them prone to bite another person in their pre-emptive aggression to protect themselves, their territory or their master.

Non Aggressive: Sometimes a dog may become excited and may jump on or bite a person, although it may not be an act of aggression. Dogs have their bad days.

Both aggressive and non-aggressive dog attacks can cause moderate to serious injuries, and may give rise to damage claims. It is generally acknowledged that owners must bear responsibility for his/her dog's behavior, as suggested by many studies. See this article from Smithsonian. The dog owner is deemed to be at fault for a person's injury by his/her dog. However, there are legal exceptions to such a liability as well as possible defenses to minimize the damage claim.

  • Dog attacks may leave palpable injuries and trauma for a long period of time. Some have permanent injury marks or scars, often in sensitive areas of their bodies; causing trauma and negatively affecting gait, confidence or overall lifestyle.
  • Dog attacks may cause temporary to permanent disability. The victim may not be able to attend school or work for days, months or even years.
  • Mental trauma resulting from dog bite attacks are common, and can be very painful or even crippling.
  • Some dog attack injuries are less serious, but they may still cause significant pain, shock, bruise and psycho-physical trauma necessitating legal help for damages from an expert dog bite lawyer.
  • Children are common dog attack targets, though adults and elderly persons are not spared.
  • One dog can also seriously injure, cripple or kill another dog, and thereby causing you a lot of pain as well as financial costs.

Visit our What to do if Bitten By a Dog page to get preliminary guidance on steps to take after a dog bite.

A male German shepherd bites a man by the hand.

Ideally, a person injured by dog attack should be able to get a just compensation from the dog owner or his/her insurer.  But that hardly ever happens in the real world.  

Liability, and especially the full extent of claimable damages from dog bite injury remains unknown or murky at best unless critically assessed by an experienced dog bite injury lawyer keeping your best interest in mind.

In Ontario, dog attack injury cases are governed by the Dog Owner's Liability Act, and the ever changing volumes of case law. A professional and dedicated dog bite lawyer knows how to navigate this regime.

The other party takes the full advantage of existing uncertainty and complexity. The dog-owner is usually protected by their home insurance company whose trained staffs and lawyers leave no stones unturned to use the law and evidence to deny liability or to minimize damages.

Without a dedicated strong dog bite lawyer beside, you are seriously exposed to flat out low offers, minimization or denial of liability, willful ignoring of the full extent of your physical or mental pain and trauma, destruction or minimization of damage evidences; along with needless run-downs, red-tape barriers, mental stress and wastage of time and peace.

Our experienced Ontario dog bite lawyer based on Toronto-Mississauga can protect your rights in every situation. While you go through the healing process, our Ontario dog bite injury lawyer can pursue and curve out a strong case for you. With strong advocacy in light of law and evidence, we will replace the low-ball offers with an optimum just settlement that is ethical and that caters to your best interest.

And if out-of-court settlement doesn't work, then we sue the responsible parties in the Ontario's legal system.  Sometimes a law suit or court trial may be the last but necessary resort to justice, and you need a dedicated dog bite injury lawyer beside you to succeed in the court.  

While most dog bite injury claims are made against the dog owner, depending on a number of factors, the claim can also go against the premises owner, a 3rd party or even the City, and making claim against various parties may be necessary to ensure you get your rightful damages, especially if the dog owner escapes the injury scene and cannot be identified or if the dog owner is judgment-proof.

=> We have a strong track record of dog bite injury case success. We have recovered thousands for the dog bite injured.

=> Getting a maximum just damage for your dog bite injury hinges upon deep understanding of your unique case, professional strength and rigorous advocacy based on Ontario's dog bite law. With a focused Ontario dog bite law practice, we believe we achieve that.

With our dedicated dog bite injury lawyer on your side, you will always end better-off. 

Children Dog Bite Injury

Children are vulnerable to dog bite injury, which can immensely negatively impact them both physically and emotionally.

Because a child cannot represent himself or herself, a child's de facto spokesperson becomes his/her guardian, and at some point during settlement process, this guardianship needs to be formalized by the Court.  Any settlement of a child's dog bite injury needs to be approved by a judge who ensures that the child's best interest is protected.

For all of these reasons, it is of paramount importance that the guardian of a child, where the child is the dog bite victim, contacts a focused dog bite injury lawyer as soon as possible. We can make the best case for your child by rigorous advocacy, professionalism and attention to details. Our goal is to protect your child's best interest post dog bite injury.

Our Ontario Dog Bite Attack Injury Lawyer based on Toronto-Mississauga takes and successfully represents all types and severity of dog attack injury cases for persons of every age from across Ontario.

We offer caring legal service, razor sharp ethical lawyering, vigorous and humane plaintiff's advocacy and optimized just damage recovery tailored to your needs in a reasonably quick manner.

Dog Attacking Human
No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Ontario Dog Bite Lawyer based on Toronto-Mississauga serves you by Contingency Arrangement, also known as, No Win No Fee.  When you hire us, you do not pay us any out of pocket fees or costs at any stage. Only upon damage recovery from the other side, we take 33.33% of the recovered sum as our fee, and never more than this. If you do not get anything, we also do not get anything. We are always happy to discuss this arrangement candidly with you.

Talking with us can help you.


- Listen to you confidentially.

- Answer your questions frankly and candidly.

- Explain Ontario's dog bite claim process. 

- Help you understand whether you (or your loved ones, such as your child) need a specialized Toronto Mississauga dog bite lawyer or not, and if we are the right lawyer for you in case you need one.


We can travel to your place when/if necessary. But all the talks and consultation can be on phone and online video using Zoom or similar software. From anywhere in Ontario, contact our Toronto Mississauga dog bite injury lawyer:

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Dog Attack Injury Law Firm

Our dog bite injury lawyer's one and only focus is on damage recovery under Ontario's dog attack law and related premises liability law.

  • We will prioritize your or your child's dog bite case with passionate professional legal advocacy geared towards just optimum damage recovery in a reasonable time frame.
  • We offer a cutting edge, dedicated legal service for Ontario dog attack victims.  When one may find a dog bite case unworthy or complicated, we are able to take on many such cases, and win a just optimized monetary damage for you.
  • You will get in-person, respectful, tailored, top-notch communication and legal service from our Mississauga based Ontario dog attack injury lawyer and legal team; by phone, email, video conference and in-person, no matter where you are in Ontario. We Travel. All interviews and discussions can be done via zoom or online video.

Just as doctors specialize in a particular field of medicine, lawyers also specialize in specific practice areas. And our focus is dog bite attack injury law. We can make a unique positive difference for damage recovery in your case.

Our Ontario dog bite injury lawyer, working from Toronto-Mississauga office, assess, advocates and recovers monetary damages for all or any of the following for both adults and minors:

    • Pain and suffering, which may include:
        • Puncture wounds, tooth marks, claw scratches on different parts of the body, often requiring stitches.
        • Psychological trauma, like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which can range from general anxiety to intense fears and phobias. Symptoms may also include night terrors, agoraphobia (fear of going outside), panic attacks etc.
        • Permanent Scar marks in sensitive or visible areas of the body that can negatively impact self esteem, pleasures of life, attractiveness or life-style in general.
        • Other types of bodily injuries and scarring, including head injury, broken limbs etc. Many such injuries often result from secondary impact of dog attack like while running / biking away from the attacking dog or falling on the ground due to dog's thrust on the body etc.
    • Loss of income because unable to continue working or schooling for a long, short or indefinite period of time.
    • Out of pocket expenses, like housekeeping expense, medical expense, reconstructive/plastic surgery expense etc.

If you are an employee, and you suffer a dog bite injury during the course of your employment, and you have the option to opt out of WSIB, then we strongly recommend that you talk with our dog bite injury lawyer before opting for pursuing a WSIB claim, and thereby giving up your right to sue for your injury.

Often times, our dog bite injury lawyer is able to obtain a significantly higher overall compensation in a reasonable period of time by using strong advocacy and tort litigation strategy then one would ever obtain from the WSIB. 

Girl playing with a dog.

Dog Bite Injury Law Firm Located in Mississauga, Ontario, and serving Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Vaughan, Kitchener, Waterloo and all of Ontario. 

We can promptly set up a Free Online No-Obligation Video Consultation Meeting between you and our dog bite injury lawyer. All talks and exchanges can be over the phone, email and online video while you are in your home (or place of treatment). If a child is injured by dog attack, then we talk with the de facto parent as the child's possible litigation guardian. We visit court, home and hospital anywhere in Ontario when/ if necessary. 

Whether You are in a small town, big town or in rural area, our Ontario dog bite lawyer in Toronto Mississauga can help you