What NOT To Do If Injured by Dog Attack

Don't let the dog owner go scott-free. If the dog owner is a stranger, he/she may just say sorry, and try to evade the scene. DO NOT LET THEM GO AWAY without providing you their full name, phone number and home address so that you can follow up at a later stage.

The dog owner may offer you medical expense and try to settle the case. DO NOT DO SO, for almost certainly you will end up in a measly bargain, and will get a fraction of what you are entitled to.

Dog owner's insurer may start communicating with you, obtain evidences, asking for statements etc. DO NOT TALK WITH THEM. No matter how friendly or helpful they appear, their sole goal is to deny liability, failing which, minimizing your damage recovery.

No matter how trivial your injury is, NEVER forget to visit the doctor as soon as possible. The injury may be much serious that what you are thinking and the dog that bit you may be carrying dangerous diseases.

 What TO DO if Bitten By a Dog

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