Dog Bite Injury Law
  • Without delay, go to doctor or hospital emergency.  Call 911 if you feel any sense of urgency or necessity.

  • Remember to keep the dog owner's full name, phone number and home address. This is important.

  • Report the incident to the local Animal Control. A List of Contacts is given in the tab below. This starts preventive measures, and an investigative record that may be handy later on for your damage claim. 

  •  Start preserving evidence.
    • Take ample pictures and videos of the injury, location and surroundings. Take note of any available video surveillance. Write down or take picture of anything you think relevant to the dog attack injury. 
    • Save all written and hard evidence like torn clothes, emergency and medical records etc.
    • If there is any witnesses to the incident, keep their full names, phone numbers and if possible, email addresses.

What NOT Do If Bitten by a Dog

Dog Bite Injury Emergency Contacts

Information on Ontario Dog Bite Injury Compensation


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