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Premises Injury

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We have dedicated pages for SLIP & FALL or TRIP & FALL injury. Aside those, many other types of premises liability injury cases may arise:

  • Injury due to hazardous substance, chemical or animal or nuisance in the Premises,
  • Assaults/ Injuries due to premises owner's negligence or lack of maintaining reasonable security measures or lighting, and this includes sexual assaults.
  • Faulty, Defective or Dangerous premises due to disrepair, faulty design or recklessness whereby you sustain injury, such as collapse of a misplaced/ill-maintained construction etc.
  • Injury due to various actions or inactions of the occupiers of the premises, such as not warning about a known danger.
  • Heavy/Sharp object falling on head or striking other parts of the body sidewise due to mismanagement, negligence, lack of care etc.
  • Insufficient water for diving, whereby one gets injured after diving.
  • And many other similar injures on premises

We hold the occupiers/owners/responsible entity of the premises liable to pay damages for your injury.

Premises can be a supermarket, residential complex, non-moving vehicles, nursing home, playground, residence, farm land, transit station, parks, sidewalks, garage, backyard, various resorts, schools, elevators and any number places. Premises like a road or walkway may belong to the municipality.

Usman Hannan, JD (Osgoode, Toronto, 2011) Premises Liability Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan is one of the few Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers that practices exclusively in Premises Injury, including dog attack injury law.


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A signpost fell on an elderly woman in a local street festival while she was reading it. She suffered minor injuries in her shin bones, as well as a thump on her head. We took on the case and settled it for $20,099.55 (2019).

A 70+ senior citizen was struck on his shoulder by a facility trolley while playing lottery at a casino. He was mildly injured. We took on the case, and settled it for $10,000 (2020).

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