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Trip and Fall Injury Law

We Help You Get Justly Compensated for Your Trip & Fall Injury

We hold the occupiers of the premises liable to pay damages for your trip & fall and similar injuries.

You suffer a trip and fall injury when you lose balance as your leg, foot or toe typically hits, stumbles or gets stuck in:

--unexpected raised surface or object like uneven slabs

--unexpected crack or a pothole or holes of various kinds

--unexpected impediments.

Poor lighting or maintenance may also be a contributory factor for trip and fall injury.

You trip and fall, typically thrusting forward with your face down. You can also trip and fall backward facing up. You can injure your hip, back, wrist, shoulder, elbow, neck, wrist, skull, spinal chord, nervous system etc. resulting in whiplash, broken bones or joints, brain injury, soared ankle, ligament tear, backpain, temporary to permanent disability, mild to severe depression, chronic headache or other pain etc.  Such injuries may be life altering, and some may even result in death.

Premises where such trip & fall injury may happen can be a supermarket, residential / commercial complex, non-moving vehicles, nursing home/hospital, restaurant, stair, condo property, swimming pools, driveways, private homes, playground,  parking lot, farm land, transit station, park, sidewalk, garage, backyard, various resorts, school, elevator and many other places. Premises like a road or public walkway may belong to the municipality giving rise to municipal liability for injury.

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Trip & Fall Injury Lawyer

Note: Every trip and fall case is unique, and the amount of judgment or settlement depends on a complex array of factors. These case abstracts are no indicators for a specific trip & fall injury damage recovery.  


A 40+ year old lady tripped in the uneven edge of the sidewalk while she was doing exercise walk with her partner.  She suffered moderate knee injury requiring surgery, and missed a few week's of work days. We took on the case and settled it for $61,575.00 (2019).

A lady trapped her foot in a hole at a rural attraction farm, and twisted her ankle. We took on the case and settled it for $3000.00 (2020).

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Usman Hannan, JD (Toronto, 2011), Trip & Fall Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan is one of the few Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers that practices exclusively in Trip and Fall and other Premises Injury, including dog attack injury law.


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