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Strong representation of professional negligence victims.

  • Do you think your realtor or mortgage broker has done you a disservice?
  • Do you think your doctor in treating you has done you more harm than good?
  • Do you think you have trusted any professional who has breached your trust or has not performed his/her professional obligation?

You may have a professional negligence claim.

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What we do?

Thorough Research, Rigorous Representation to Settle/ win the case.

Why Hire Personal Injury and Civil Lawsuit Lawyer at Hannan Hannan Barristers?

  • We do most Personal Injury cases and Civil lawsuits  on a `no win, no fee basis.` So you only pay us from the recovered money, or we do not get paid. There is no out of pocket expenses by you. Plus, we offer free in-person initial consultation that most people find very helpful.
  • We stay on top of evolving law, ensuring we get the maximum recovery for you in the existing legal system.
  • Our supportive and caring team will help you feel comfortable, while we vigorously pursue your cause in the Ontario Litigation System. 
  • We may promptly connect you with specialist practitioners or doctors to assess damage recovery. 


Our hallmark is Contingency Fee, that is to say, No Win No Fee Retainer for the Plaintiffs

Transparency and full disclosure are the hallmarks of our service and fee structure. We offer:

  • Flat legal fee for meeting a specific target, say, filing a Statement of Claim or Statement of Defense or sending a Letter of Demand etc. This is a popular option where Contingency Fee arrangement is not feasible. More on Contingency retainer below. 
  • Contingency retainer involves, 'no win no fee' commitment. That is to say, you do not pay us any upfront money or fees. We basically finances your entire case. Only upon damage recovery for you, we take a percentage of recovered damages for our fees, and for various costs incurred during the legal and litigation process. Contingency retainer fee is not based on hours spent on a case, but on a percentage of the results obtained for you. Our contingency retainer percentage for legal service is typically 33% to a maximum 35% of total damage recovery. Specifics of the contingency retainer arrangements are laid out on a case-by-case basis for respective clients. We accept most personal injury matters and litigation files on a no-win no-fee basis.

Sit down with our lawyer for an hour of one-on-one 30-60 minute initial consultation for free, and get valuable insights on your legal issues in a relaxed and no-obligation environment. Call us today.

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