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Premises Liability Lawyer
Occupiers' and Premises Liability Lawyer
Usman Hannan, Injury Lawyer for Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises/Municipal Liability

=>Our law practice focuses on Slip/Trip & Fall, Premises/Municipal Liablity Injury Law, and thus we are developing specialization. 

=>Strong track record of success. We have recovered thousands for the injured.

=>Getting maximum just damage for your premises injury hinges upon in-depth focused understanding, professional strength and rigorous application of Ontario's Occupiers' and Premises Liability Law. With lawyer(s) practising exclusively in this area, we are able to achieve exactly that.  

=> Your case will be handled directly by our slip/trip & fall Premises Liability Injury Lawyer and his/her colleagues. You will get in-person, respectful, tailored, top-notch communication and legal service from our dedicated lawyer and small legal team for the ultimate goal : Obtain a Just Damage for Your injury. 

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  • A signpost fell on an elderly woman in a local street festival while she was reading it. She suffered minor injuries in her shin bones, as well as a thump on her head. We took on the case and settled it for $20,099.55 (2019).

  • A woman in her forty tripped in the uneven edge of the sidewalk while she was strolling with her partner.  She suffered knee injury requiring surgery, and missed a few week's of work days. We took on the case and settled it for $61,575.00 (2019).

  • In a snowy night, a man in his sixties slipped and softly injured his shoulder in a paid parking lot. We took on the case and settled it for $31,000. (2020)

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We are a Dedicated Occupiers' and Premises Liability Injury Law Firm

Suffered injury because the person, municipality or corporation/entity responsible for maintaining the premises safe for you was negligent? We specialize in holding the occupiers of the premises liable to pay damages for your injury.

Premises can be a supermarket, residential complex, non-moving vehicles, nursing home, playground, residence, farm land, transit station, parks, sidewalks, garage, backyard, various resorts, schools, elevators and any number places. Premises like a road or walkway can also belong to the municipality.

Slip and Fall happens when there is substance on your walk-way that cause to lose balance as you tread on it, and typically you fall on your back. The substance can be ice, water etc.

Trip and fall happens when you lose balance as your foot typically hits a raised surface or object, and you fall on your front side.

Many other types of premises liability cases may arise:

    • Injury Due to Defective/Inadequate/ Below Standard Security System
    • Injury Due to Hazardous Substance in the Premises
    • Assaults/ Injuries Due to Premise Owner's Negligence or lack of maintenance or repairs.
    • Injury due to various actions or inactions of the occupiers of the premises, etc.

Personal or Business Liability for Premises Injury

In Ontario, injury cases in Business and Private Properties are governed by the Occupier's Liability Act, and ever evolving case laws. Our Experienced Premises Liability Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you to launch a proper damage claim against the responsible party, and obtain an optimized settlement award with the Insurance Adjuster or a judgement in the Court System.

Municipal Liability For Your Injury

A Municipality has duties

To keep the roads, sidewalks, highways, bridges etc. in a good repair and safe condition,

To ensure proper signage,

To responsibly handle significant weather events like snow storms and more.

Failure to perform such duties may result in accidents and damages to persons, for which the Municipality may be held liable to give the injured person adequate damages for wage loss, pain and suffering etc. However, Municipal Act,  and evolving case laws have given the Municipalities substantial technical leeway protections against liabilities.  It is critically important that if you have suffered an injury in a City Property,  you contact a dedicated municipal liability personal injury lawyer like us without delay, as in City Liability cases, narrow deadlines apply.

Municipal Liability Lawyer
Municipal Liability Lawyer
Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall Lawyer
Occupiers' & Premises Liability Lawyer
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