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Yes, we are dedicated and exclusively focused Slip/Trip & Fall, and Premises Injury Law Firm (which also includes dog bite injuries). We do not practice other areas of personal injury law. This implies:

=>Our Injury Lawyer knows, understands, and evaluate the evidence, court system and the insurance industry milieu exclusively focus on your case, and steer them in the right direction for your just compensation for your injury.

=>Our  Injury Lawyer knows getting just damage for your injury does not flow automatically, but depends on focused understanding and rigorous application of Premises Liability Injury Law. We are able to apply strong moral advocacy, rigor, and signals of professional strength to build up your case that acquiesces other parties to settle on just terms for the injured.

=>Most lay people trying to settle on their own are often-time severely denied of their rightful compensation, while many general Personal Injury Lawyers are often busy juggling between motor vehicle accidents, professional negligence etc. with premises injury cases, and thus missing the dedication that a specialized practice in this area may bring in. Our Slip/Trip & Fall and Premises Injury Lawyer, with razor sharp focus, and attention to details, ensures your rights are never denied. Your unique premises injury case will not be buried under other areas of injury practice like motor vehicle accidents etc. You can rest assured towards your maximum just compensation.

=> Small legal team: Your case will be handled directly by our dedicated premises/occupiers' liability injury lawyer(s) and close associates, and will not get lost under numerous office staffs. You will get a customized and tailored legal service.

Usman Hannan, JD, MA, BA; Personal Injury Lawyer

Usman Hannan is a Mississauga and Toronto based Personal Injury Lawyer exclusively focusing on slip/trip & fall and premises liability case claims on behalf of the injured victims. He has settled with individuals, corporations and municipalities thousands of rightful dollars for the injured victims.

Our Slip/Trip & Fall Injury and Premises Injury Liability Law office is located at the heart of Mississauga.  However, if you are immobile due to injury, our medico-legal doctor, lawyer, and legal staff will be glad to travel to your place/hospital.  We assess your premises injury case free of charge and with no obligation on your part. Most of our initial consultations can be done over phone, video-conference, and emails. So wherever you are in Ontario, for all practical purposes, We are only one email or phone call away from you. 

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Cases in Hand

  • An elderly lady in a local street festival was struck by a signpost that fell on her shins while she was reading it. She suffered injuries in her shin bones, as well as a thump on her head. We took on the case and settled it for $20,099.55 (2019).

  • A lady in her forty tripped in the uneven edge of the sidewalk while she was strolling with her partner.  She suffered knee injury requiring surgery, and missed a few week's of work days. We took on the case and settled it for $61,575.00 (2019).

  • A professional man in her fifties slipped on ice just as he walked out of a restaurant. He thumped his head, and suffer minor twists in his muscles. Hot beverage also mildly scalded his skin.  We took on the case and settled it for $8,500.00 (2019).

  • A woman in her fifties slipped and mildly sprained her ankle while checking out of a superstore. She needed minimal medical care. We took on the case and settled it for $2000.00 (2019)

  • In a snowy night, a man in his sixties slipped and injured his shoulder in a paid parking lot. We took on the case and settled it for $31,000. (2020)

  • A young man get minor surface bites from a dog inside a motel lobby because of the negligence of the motel owner. We took on the case and settled it for $4000. (2020)

We are Dedicated Occupiers' and Premises Liability Law Firm

Suffered an injury or assault because the person, municipality or corporation/entity responsible for maintaining the premises in proper order was negligent one way or other? You may have a premises or occupiers' liability claim.

  • Premises can be a supermarket, residential complex, boat, non-moving motor vehicle, nursing home, playground, residence, farm land, transit station, parks, sidewalks, garage, backyard, various resorts, schools, elevators and any number of different places. Premises like a road or walkway can also belong to the municipality.
  • Premises injury claims giving rise to occupiers' liability can arise from many conditions, so long the entity responsible for the premises safe maintenance is negligent.
    SLIP & FALL/ TRIP & FALL injuries are most common examples of occupiers' liability claims. As an illustration,  a home-owner or shop owner may have not salted the snowy/slippery walk-way, or may have left slippery substance in the passage, whereby you slip/fall and got injuredSlip and Fall happens when there is substance on your walk-way that cause to lose balance as you tread on it, and typically you fall on your back. The substance can be ice, water etc.

    Trip and fall happens when you lose balance as your foot typically hits a raised surface or object, and you fall on your front side.

    Both types of falls can happen in various settings, like:

    • Falls on Public Property
    • Falls in Markets
    • Falls in Residences
    • Falls on Construction Sites
    • Falls on Ice and Snow
    • Falls by the Elderly or Disabled
    • Playground Accidents
    • Falls in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.
    • Etc.


    • Injury Due to Breach of Fire Code
    • Injury Due to Defective/Inadequate/ Below Standard Security System
    • Injury Due to Hazardous Substance in the Premise
    • Assaults/ Injuries Due to Premise Owner's Negligence or lack of maintenance or repairs.
    • Etc.
Premises Liability Lawyer
Occupiers' and Premises Liability Lawyer
No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal or Business Liability for Premises Injury

In Ontario, injury cases in Business and Private Properties are governed by the Occupier's Liability Act, and ever evolving case laws. Our Experienced Premises Liability Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you to launch a proper damage claim against the responsible party, and obtain an optimized settlement award with the Insurance Adjuster or a judgement in the Court System.

Municipal Liability For Your Injury

A Municipality has duties

To keep the roads, sidewalks, highways, bridges etc. in a good repair and safe condition,

To ensure proper signage,

To responsibly handle significant weather events like snow storms and more.

Failure to perform such duties may result in accidents and damages to persons, for which the Municipality may be held liable to give the injured person adequate damages for wage loss, pain and suffering etc. However, statutory protections accorded to the Cities under acts like Municipal Act, 2001,  and evolving case laws have given the Municipalities substantial technical leeway protections against liabilities.  All of these make it critically important that if you have suffered an injury in a City Property, and you think the City/ Municipality has been negligent to cause your injury, you contact a dedicated municipal liability and personal injury lawyer without delay, and follow your personal injury lawyer's advice from as early on as possible.

Our Premises Liability Injury Lawyer Works Hard to Obtain MAXIMUM JUST Compensation for Your Loss of Normal Life Activities Due To Premises Owner or Municipal Negligence

Trip and Fall Injury Lawyer
Trip and Fall Injury Lawyer
Premises Liablity Lawyer
Premises Liablity Lawyer
Municipal Liability for Injury Lawyer
Municipal Liability for Injury Lawyer