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Note: Every trip and fall case is unique, and the amount of judgment or settlement depends on a complex array of factors. 

Our Trip & Fall Injury Lawyer page has details of our trip and fall injury lawyer services.

Usman Hannan, JD (Toronto, 2011), Trip & Fall Injury Lawyer

Trip & Fall Injury Cases


  • A 70+ senior citizen was struck on his shoulder by a facility trolley while playing lottery at a casino. He was mildly injured. We took on the case, and settled it for $10,000 (2020).

  • A lady trapped her foot in a hole at a rural attraction farm, and twisted her ankle. We took on the case and settled it for $3000.00 (2020).

  • An 80+ year old elderly lady in a local street festival was struck by a community signpost that unexpectedly fell on her shins while she was reading it. She suffered injuries in her shin bones, as well as a minor blow on her head. We took on the case and settled it for $20,099.55 (2019).

  • A 40+ year old lady tripped in the uneven edge of the sidewalk while she was doing exercise walk with her partner.  She suffered moderate knee injury requiring surgery, and missed a few week's of work days. We took on the case and settled it for $61,575.00 (2019).